a letter i wish i could seep into your pocket

whoever you are, this is for you.   how are you? i hope you know when i ask you that question, i am really asking how you are, your complete self. and you don't have to answer me with - i'm fine, thanks. how about you?, i don't want a pretentious answer. that is not [...]

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you might or you might not receive this, yet still

dearest, of course i keep all the letters you once gave me, as i always do for every letter that has reach my hand, then stays in my heart ever since. and there you are, wondering how do i still keep all the letters? or the empty shells we gathered along every beach we had [...]

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the quite reminder

not a very long time ago, i seek love from others. often, i demanded. the love i gave had to reach me back in the same way; including the affection, the attention, and the security. it was more of an experiment, i waited the result to come out of it. and so i ran around, [...]

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