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another year of growing

how does twenty seven feel? J asked me on my birthday four days ago. it took me the whole day to actually recognize the feeling of being one year older. yes, i am somehow a slightly different person from who i was a year ago. also yes, i am still a fool. a year has [...]

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a monologue

1. before everything happens; a silence. before every realization; a question. 2. have you ever think of how many traffic light had you stopped at, let say until this morning? how many minutes have you spend to wait for the green light to permit you to continue driving? isn't it strange though, that we need [...]

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a letter i wish i could seep into your pocket

whoever you are, this is for you.   how are you? i hope you know when i ask you that question, i am really asking how you are, your complete self. and you don't have to answer me with - i'm fine, thanks. how about you?, i don't want a pretentious answer. that is not [...]

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the relish of being alone

there is an art in anything we do and in anything we are. to me, being alone in my own company and actually enjoying it - is an art. it takes days, months, or even years to finally understand the importance of loving and needing our own space, to feel the absence of another and the [...]

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a strange conversation about a strange man from a strange planet

i was taught by my parents that the only way to talk to god was through praying five times a day in each pray, i should ask for my parents salvation first, then ask forgiveness for them, and for me and for all others beings, then i could ask for a help, any kind of [...]

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i, too, was once a stranger

at first glance - i saw my father holding me in his hands. i was three or four years old at that time. i had a toothache from eating too many candies, which of course my father had warned me. yet, when i was crying in my bed, my father rushed in to hold me [...]

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my heart carries on, still

wish upon wish, effort upon effort. the desert was once an ocean. the ocean was once the shore. everything else changes, through times, through endings.   except the curse to humankind to bear the pain. or is it the way an ocean to the desert? or is it the way the shore to the ocean? [...]

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wonders and questions

once in a while i imagine myself as this person who remembers exactly everything - i have ever seen, i have ever heard, i have ever touched. the possibility of remembering every faces that has come to my very eyes, even the taxi driver who one time drove me to create an event in my [...]

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you might or you might not receive this, yet still

dearest, of course i keep all the letters you once gave me, as i always do for every letter that has reach my hand, then stays in my heart ever since. and there you are, wondering how do i still keep all the letters? or the empty shells we gathered along every beach we had [...]

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to be a woman is

i have been told before, to be a woman is not as simple as folding blanket so it would look nice i have been told before, to be a woman is not as easy as boiling potato with a timer beside the stove i have been told before, to be a woman is not as [...]

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