this has always been the hardest part, to describe a glimpse of who i am. i can never do it in a list, because who i am is a journey. i am a constant change. i am adapting. i am evolving. i am a story of all the people i have encountered. i am an observer of all the experience i have faced. i am a forever child who gets excited to see fireflies. i am all the words i have ever written, i have ever said. inside of me, there is a tree. it keeps growing and growing and growing, sometimes bending instead of breaking.

to me, enjoying the small things in life is a way of healing. a cuddle on rainy days, a long hug in arriving and departing, a shared coffee in the morning, a hot shower after a long tiring day, a long walk on the beach, a late night pillow talk with a dear friend, the smell of an old book, and myriad of other things.

words has approached me in a very special way since I was a little girl. I would gather my parents to listen to my stories, let it be fantasies or the things i discovered that day. I always have a lot of journal throughout my life, some went missing and the others are still with me. I got my inspiration through the eyes of the people i love, through the wildflowers, through the ocean, through the moon, and through every veins and every nerves in my body. Writing has become my refugee, to where i run when my mind gets too crowded which is the main reason of why this exists. if there is anything I could offer, it would be through the words. if anything i could love forever, it would be the deepest most honest story that someone shares with me.

my dream is to have a tiny home in a small village somewhere. where nature is my backyard. where food is in my garden. where solitude is always possible.

i am mostly hiding in my cave, but you can send an echo to, and i will reach out back to you.


love always,