before everything happens; a silence. before every realization; a question.


have you ever think of how many traffic light had you stopped at, let say until this morning? how many minutes have you spend to wait for the green light to permit you to continue driving? isn’t it strange though, that we need certain rule and certain punishment to help us decide doing something?


since everything is infinite, including dimension, including cells, including time, do you think there is an infinite version of you out there? would all of them be happy and relieve to see you making all the choices in your life here, in this three dimension world? or would they be disappointed in knowing that you never really choose anything for your own?


when did the last time you stop to smell a flower? or to compliment how beautiful it is? or you never really let that soft and gentle part of you shows herself out, because you fear the judgement of being vulnerable?


have you ever thank your eyes for perfectly capturing the faces of the people you love? as well as perfectly capturing the colors of the sea, the sky, the mountain, the flowers, the river, the forest, the rain? if you lose just one of your senses, would everything be as spectacular as when you have all of them?


if money was no important to this world, would you still care about what you wear? your make up? your newest gadget? or which room in the hospital you could pay for?


let say you believe in god, how if in one of these days, this version of god we all have in each of our mind finally shows up in front of our eyes – would you believe when he says he’s god? or would you doubt him all over again, just like when you doubt your own ability that you might be the representation of god himself? wouldn’t this world be a better place if we apply what we believe about god into our day to day life? god is love, isn’t he? and god is everywhere, isn’t he? and god forgives, doesn’t he? so why are we keep acting the opposite way of how god is, while bravely declaring that we are defending god? and also, do you really love god just because you do, or because there is a reason behind it; the heaven? how non-sense could we get as a human being actually?


mostĀ of us take time as the most important value we could offer and we could get, yet how do we seem to always rush everything, which in this case is the time itself? if we value time so much, why do we equal time with money anyway? so again, how non-sense could we get as a human being actually?


if you know when is the last time you would live on this earth, would it matter? would you change how you act? would you love a little more? would you even still think of hate?


let say there is a possibility for us to be immortal, no not just the soul, the complete version of we are at this very moment, would you still choose the person you are with now? would you still have all the fear inside of you? would you still have the desire to learn, to survive?


between the scale of one to ten, how much do you like the life you are living, you are experiencing at this present time?


what if there is a way to remember the life you had while you were inside the womb, that solitude universe only you understand? would you take that chance?


what if all this existence is indeed merely an illusion? if so, then it means we all could create any reality within the illusion, what would you create?


to make one-self stupid is to think one-self is the smartest in the room, yet how to make one-self conscious? is it by feeling the burst of not knowing anything? or is it by merely observing without the need to know each of everything? observing and knowing are not the same, aren’t they?


have you ever thought that perhaps to believe in yourself is the most important lesson you should remember?

is there a pin point of where to start to believe in one-self?